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Good Luck LeeAndra

A picture from the recent we'll miss you get together for LeeAndra Sullivan


A Look Back… (Updated)

How did you come to reside in Carillon Lakes? Share your story by sending a short email to newsletter (at) carillonlakes.com (replace (at) with @ and remove spaces for email). The stories will be compiled and displayed at the 10th Anniversary Celebration planned for November 5.

Carillon Lakes will turn ten years old on September 14 and a celebration is planned for the whole community to commemorate it on November 5. Plans are still in the works and there’s plenty of time to get in on the fun—if you’ve been here 15 years, 10 years, 5 years or just moved in! It’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and get to know them better.A group of residents led by the Carillon Community Activity Planners (CCAP) is planning the event.  Contact Pam Stephens at pstephens (at) tampabay.rr.com (replace (at) with @ and remove spaces for email) if you would like to help.

Here’s a look back through the years with interviews of some of our residents that appeared in the Newsletter.  More will appear next month.


Herminio Hoyos and his wife Lucy have lived in Carillon Lakes for over four years.  He is not only a valued member of the Activities Committee, but gives two to three hours of his time daily in the care and maintenance of the Town Center.  He is always more than helpful to assist individuals with questions or items requiring attention.  In addition, he assists in reminding people of rules and encourages compliance when he notes it is necessary.  Furthermore, he assists in the cleaning and maintaining the Town Center as well as reporting items requiring attention by management. 

Herminio moved to Carillon Lakes from Valrico, FL where he lived for 20 years.  He has a son Edwin and daughter Cindy.  During his free time, he enjoys gardening, bowling and playing tennis.  He also would like to spend more time travelling, to see more of our beautiful country. 

Thank you Herminio for the most generous volunteering of your time, which not only assists in reducing our expenses, but also, makes our community such a great place to live.


Cheri Oberg was the first resident of the Carriage Homes and has been on the Board for the past three years.  She also attends the Carillon Lakes Board of Directors meetings, giving advice and providing information concerning the Carriage Homes.

Cherie moved to Carillon Lakes from Sarasota, FL where she resided for nine years.  She moved to Sarasota from Saint Paul, MN where she graduated from Johnson High School.  Cherie is employed as the office manager at Publix’s corporate headquarters.  She loves the long drive to work in the mornings—all 1,000 yards of it.


If you’re around the neighborhood much, you’ve likely seen a couple running along the road in the morning mist. They are the Migliorinis, Mary and Bruno, who started running in 2005 as a way to get fit together. And for those of you who know them, you know that they are not (ahem) “spring chickens.”

Age was not a factor in their determination. In January of 2006, they ran in their first half-marathon (13.1 miles). Mary ran 13.31-minute-miles and Bruno ran 14.05-minute-miles. Exactly one year later in the same half-marathon race, Mary’s pace improved to 10.10 and Bruno’s to 11.30.

In their latest half-marathon in November, Mary came in 4th in age group 55 to 59 (oops, I’m giving away their ages, here…) with a pace of 9.27 (that’s smokin’); Bruno clocked an astounding 10.33 pace to take 7th place in age group 65 to 69.

On top of all their medals and trophies, of which there are many, Bruno has lowered his cholesterol from 210 to 160. Mary’s cholesterol was already low. So, who says you can’t teach old dogs (um, chickens?) new tricks? And who says it’s too late to start an exercise program?


Crysti Porter says she’s usually a careful planner.  When she decides to do something, she lays out schemes, diagrams, calendars…whatever it takes to get the job done.  But in the case of losing 20 pounds, it was totally impromptu.  “I just woke up one morning and said I’m taking me back.”  That very morning, without even a sip of coffee, she set out on a long walk.  She did it again the next day…and the next.  After a very short time of daily walking sessions, she got on the scale and found out she had lost 10 pounds!

Crysti knew then that she had rediscovered the joy of exercising and feeling good about herself.  She had spent so much time devoted to work and family issues (as do we all!), that she had forgotten what it felt like to do something for herself.  “The trick,” she says, “is to get my walking in first thing in the morning, so that other duties and schedules don’t get in the way.”  Her early morning walks of about 45 minutes allow her to appreciate some quiet time; enjoy the cool air; and fit in some prayer time.

“Then one day, I happened to see a pop-up ad on my computer that promoted a diet plan.  As I read through the information, all the questions about why my dieting had failed in the past seemed to fit, as though the questions were written for me.”  The plan was called Diet for Dummies; with it, Crysti rapidly lost another 10 pounds.  She kept a visual aid (with little bubbles to fill in with different-colored pens), above her bathroom scale to make the weight-loss more fun.  “But one of the best parts,” she claims, “is going clothes shopping for the first time since I started all this and discovering just how much weight I had lost!  “I was getting into sizes I never thought I could!”

Even when Crysti is not “on a diet”, she practices “pushing the plate away before I’m full.”    She eats well-rounded meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean meats.  But her favorite thing is still those early-morning walks.  It’s a new habit…a new found pleasure. A gift to herself that keeps on giving.


Edna Kyles of Whistlewood Circle has been named the Lighthouse Ministries’ Volunteer of the Year.  She has assisted the director of the Learning Center there for about three years, helping the clients to complete the plan prescribed for them to gain their GED, develop job skills and find a job.  Resident Leslie “Skip” Hussey, also a volunteer at Lighthouse Ministries, recommended the organization to Edna after she moved here in 2005.  The organization offers a holistic approach to meeting the needs of an individual’s mind, body and soul. (www.lighthousemin.org)

A native Floridian, Edna was born in Live Oak and moved to Miami for college.  She worked as a social worker for Health and Rehabilitative Services for 12 years and then made a career change to teaching.  Retiring from teaching after 22 years, she searched the state for the right place to settle, discarding the northern part where she grew up and the Miami area, where she spent most of her adult life.  Luckily, she found Lakeland and especially Carillon Lakes. 

Edna likes to stay active and she started right out getting involved in her new community.  She has been active in Toastmasters, followed Lakeland High School’s football team, became involved in her church, took a t’ai chi class at Kelly Recreation Center, and enjoyed photography and working in her fllower garden, she’s also a Big Sister to a third grader and teaches a class she developed at her church.  “Exercise you mind, body and soul.”  She shares her deep faith with others in her church community and reaches out to others as well.

Edna loves to give, whether it’s a trinket, a prayer or a plate of goodies which she shares with the guards at the gate.  Giving of oneself might be the best thing of all.

Gaylord Hopkins, a Bellflower Way resident, didn’t just go to the National Senior Games in Houston to compete; he was definitely going for the gold---medals, that is. He won four first-place medals, for the 200 and 500 yard freestyle and the 100 and 200 yard backstroke events, setting a National Senior Games record in each event. He also had two second place finishes in the 50 yard backstroke and the 100 yard freestyle.

Gaylord and his wife Barbara have lived in Carillon Lakes for two years. Gaylord, who swam in his youth, came back to the sport in 1987 for health reasons and has continued to swim competitively since moving to Lakeland in 2001, preferring the 1,000 and 1,650 yard races. He swims two miles a day at the Lakeland YMCA and finds it a great stress reliever.

Congratulations, Gaylord!

Ann Calder has recently volunteered to assist in the distribution of new barcodes used for gate security. She was also actively involved in providing proper maintenance to the exterior of empty homes in the neighborhood.

Prior to moving to Carillon Lakes, she earned a degree in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics which led her to a career in software design and development. As a previous Board member in a condominium association in Atlanta, she is familiar with the responsibilities, duties, and commitment involved in being a Board member. Her prior life also found her working with all age groups striving to earn their GEDs and seniors need assistance.

Ann strives to keep Carillon Lakes a great community in which to live for the lowest possible assessment while maintaining the usefulness, appearance and value of the common property.

Henry Eades and his wife Kay built their home on Songbird Lane and moved in on July 1, 2000. This was the first home to be built by a homeowner in Carillon Lakes.

Henry , a World War II veteran, was honored by appointment as a “Chevalier of the Legion of Honor” by decree of President Hollande of France on November 22, 2012. The award, the highest decoration awarded by France, was a sign of France’s infinite gratitude and appreciation for the personal and precious contribution to the United States’ decisive role in the liberation of France during WWII.On January 28, 2013, Henry was among five Polk County veterans who received the medal presented by French military officers at McDill Air Force Base in Tampa.

Drafted into the Army, Henry was engaged in combat activities in North Africa and in the European Theater. Following combat service in North Africa, he participated in the D-Day landing in France on June 6, 1944. Very intense fighting in five major battles in France, Holland, Germany and the Battle of the Bulge followed. His combat services were recognized with the Silver Star, and the Bronze Arrowhead with five bronze arrowheads for his intense combat in five major battles.

Henry and his six brothers all served in the various branches of the military, six of them serving simultaneously in WWII. All returned safely from the war, but Henry retains a hearing deficiency from his D-Day activities.

Following his years in the Army, Henry attended college and was employed by the United States Treasury Department in Birmingham, Alabama. He worked up the ladder and eventually became the Head Disbursing Officer for the Treasury Department. He continued his service in Washington, D.C. and when it came time to retire, he received a medal from then President Ronald Reagan.

Henry, your friends and neighbors congratulate you on this rare honor and thank you for your service!